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There's a B Side in Everystory

So...where are we?
Ok, job is severly sarcastically crazy, one obesesive man, 2 drama queen, 1 naive freak, etc i call my office now the opposite, I-SAD.
But anyway, There's a B Side in every story...and y'know i'm not person who take a side which gank that i'll followed so when i go home...resting...the one thing that i'l do it, reset my brain and NOT mention about office thingie outside office and YES
i'm HAPPY much much more a HAPPY PERSON

anyway, yesterday is crazy
i sleep in my ate house...ate ellen and ate leni (ate = older sister in Tagalog) and yes the main challange is how to smuggling me to their house without someone know it. (yes there's someone else in the house that I DONT want to meet) It is soo high school...and when in there, we were just talking about boy and man...

Last wednesday i went to Atmajaya to see Geisou
japanese - indonesia music and dance festival, which the perforamance is from some university in Japan.

Yup, i watch them coz there's Taiko if i'm not wrong they named Wadaiko Raku's amazing, hands down for the Shime Taiko ensamble...
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