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Coz we're not perfect

This I-SAD SCHOOL office...ckckckck
hands down...

for a mistake, the boss give me first and last warning letter
bcoz she just...hates me.
and even everybody that hear what's going on,all said that everybody who got involved is having the part of mistake.
Yup...ladies and gentlemen, i'm brave enough to say i'm sorry and apologized, dissapointment a big fucking dissapoinment is THAT first and last warning letter.

that unfair, where's my second letter or third letter?! i deserved that! Ow..i know! because i'm just the in the 'lowest chain food' of company. So, i dont care if she really hates me, but i do care for myself that she just not the person that I THOUGHT before. See~ another christian claimer person done this to me. God please punish that woman~
so i think all those bible and preach that she hold everyday is aint a thing at all.

Hm, better looking for a new job now
wish me luck, anyway working with 3 boses in one time is just immpossible. No matter what how good you are, 3 boses with 3 different way,no wonder my position is 'hot seat' a.k.a ga ada yang tahan lebih dari 6 bulan!!!!

Btw...akhirnya vacation time! Gilaaa padahal ga ada diagenda tahunan gue, tau-tau gue bakal vacation ke Yogyakarta ama' Leni.
Hm...kayaknya bakal ada yang bokek neh bulan depan ha ha ha
ya itulah,sometimes we cant predict the life ya~~
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