Myo Niimura (naga_saki) wrote,
Myo Niimura

I am scorpion... i am egoist

I am scorpion... i am egoist
people said scorpion girl is nuts, and that's the fact.
i dont like losing...i have an ego.

So when someone or something hurt my ego...then even i have to admit that i'm not that good. Still my ego is hurt. I am that 'kanye west-ego-thingie'


if i dont meet my friends in this several weeks, is not that i'm not love you...
im just fixing my ego...
and til today' im still not happy about it

i feel like being slap for 1000x times this 2 weeks, and i kept quite. Coz that's what i call being grown up. So please let me...just fix my life, stack up my life again. no matter how much sushi plate i can finish, or why i love my hamster so much. i'm on taking care my ego...just imagine me in 'flight mode' or...'sleep mode'

see...i'm holding my feelings
i'm holding my tension
i'm holding my ego...

i'm just growing up...
i hope next week,i'm alive again

i'm stacking my life...
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