Myo Niimura (naga_saki) wrote,
Myo Niimura

cruel season

Yes...then i cried of Brittany Murphy's death.
Well i'm not her biggest fans, but as i thought i almost watch every of her movies. Things that made me remembering her is all her movies that i watched there's meaning of it. There's something that struck my head, and have values on it.

Watching her role in Girl Interrupted, makes my life would never be the same again esp on her scene where she ate a lots of chicken roast on her depression and when the suiciede temp then the background soundtrack is "why does the sun go on shiny~~...dont tell now it's the end of the world" ( i just knew this song, never knew the title ). I swear, that scene is a wake up call for me, to stop myself not doing that. Yes, i'm having the tendency of loath of eating when i'm stress (and it happen again)

i think. im having eating disorder that i ... just cant stop eating, the urge of want a food is too much already T___T. i'm starting to losing it again.
i'm the type of when you're stress...then you have tendency to eat.

Ok i admit, that hell office stains alots of hurt, anger & humiliation on me, the new office is not helping at all its like solitary, no money at all...and friends are busy with their own life, doing my fave sport/music as Taiko is not really makes me happy these days and praying to God is not liberating too. Its a complete set of devestated and depression.

But i'm still try to convinced my self that i cannot -not-gratefull with what happen to me now. I just have to live with it, so here i am...eating sugar, My TV is not dead for 24hour, and playing and -addictive- Dinner Dash. All alone at my room.

No no no i'm not a drama queen and i try to not writing a goodbye letter here, this entry its just written how i am
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